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Fimaks Plastik A.S. is a firm producing PET Foil, PET cups/caps and PET Lenticular Sheet located in Çorlu on 20.000 m2 land having 10.000 m2 closed area since 2007. It is a corporation of which principle is to present its quality products via the best service and most affordable price; furthermore the firm gives particular importance to the cusmoter satisfaction. Machinery of Fimaks Plastik A.S. has been equipped with the latest system technology. The facitiliy has the capacity of producing 5.000 tons per year PET Foil, 120 million PET cups/caps and 9 million PET Lenticular Sheet with high quality standards. Besides, the firm takes pride in producing the first PET Lenticular Sheet in Turkey and being one of the foremost firms of the world. With its educated and expert staff in the departments of techique and marketing primary mission of Fimaks Plastik A.S. is to provide expansive,reliable and quality service to the customers at home and abroad. Our firm aiming at innovation , continuous imrovement and development goes on strengthening its corporate structure by ISO9001:2008 quality certificate.




We have been producing 5.000 tone/per year PET Foil on our extrusion line within the year. Tickness limitis between 150 microns 1350 microns.We can pull Foil maximum 1000 mm wide. We can produce the required colour with high precision in accordance with the customer demands. By adding additive agents, the products such as condensation preventer as a result of evaporation anti-fog Foils and cups etc. , which are not deformed because of the sun effects, can be decayed and degraded in a short span of time in the enviroment , can be produced. With our bedding unit we can pile up on the palette untouched by human in required sizes with maximum precision. This provides our customers with the opportunity of direct production without time loss and wastage.In this way both print quality improves and the raw material and operating costs come down to the minimum level as well. PET Lenticular Sheet 75 LPI and 100 LPI have been produced by our firm as the only one in Turkey and in the World as having limited producers. PET Lenticular has been used packaging,printing,textile and advertisement sector. One of our additional units is corona machine.Thanks to this machine we can press on the Foil that we produced.Also in our facility the necessary devices exist in order to absorb occurring static electric. Our primary target is to be in the leading position with our production in international arena and in parallel with this to enlarge and to vary our production lines.We are conscious of the fact that the customer satisfaction is very important in order to reach this target.Because of this we are planned in all issues from our quality to term.

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