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Fimaks Plastik A.S. is a company that produces PET Folio (Sheet) in a 20.000 m2 open and 10.000 m2 restricted

area since 2007 in Corlu / Tekirdag and acts on quality of goods with the best service principle and prioritise customer satisfaction.

            Priority mission of Fimaks Plastik A.S. is to offer a real, dependable and quality service to domestic and foreign customers with its trained and professional staff.

            Plant of Fimaks Plastik A.S. is equiped with highest technology. Fimaks is able to produce at high capacity ( 10.000 tons/year) and has a specification of high sensibility and efficiency in production PET Folio (sheet) and Lenticular Sheet.

            Fimaks Plastik A.S. is the first and only Lenticular Sheet producer in Turkey as well as one of the most important producers in the World.

            Fimaks Plastik A.S. produces PET and Lenticular in sheet and roll forms and offers various color alternatives.





Our company’s plant is equipped with highest technology in the World. Our extrusion line is able to produce annual 5.000 tons PER Sheets. Thickness limits are between 150 microns and 1350 microns. We are able to produce 1000mm width. Furthermore our bedding unit is able to cross tie sheets untouched by human hands on palettes in desired dimensions with maximum sensibility. This provides directly production to our customers with no loss in time and production.

            LENTICULAR Sheet which is produced in Turkey by only our firm and in the World by a few producers, is produced in 75 LPI and 100 LPI. LENTICULAR Sheet is used in Packaging, Printing, Textile and Advertisement sectors. Corona Machine which is our additional unit, maintains maximum printing quality. Also equipments which are necessary to absorb the occured statical electric, are available in our facility.

            Our primary target is to lead the field with our production in international arena and concordantly improve and vary our production lines. Consequently, we are organised in every matter from our quality to our terms.



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